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Water: a valuable resource

Almost one billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water; around 2.5 billion people live without waste water treatment. Water of high quality is the basis for human health, food production and industrial development.

The need for water in adequate quality and quantity is opposed not only to an enormous deficit in water and soil availability, but also to the poor ecological and chemical conditions of surface water and groundwater in many regions of the world. This imbalance is influencing especially regions with changing environmental conditions, like climate change and fast economic and social development.

The goal-oriented exploration and knowledge of the hydrogeological and hydrochemical circumstances are of central importance for the sustainable and foreward-looking usage of our most valuable resource water.


As contribution to improve a sustainable use of our freshwater resources at a local and global scale the Hydrogeology department is the coordinator the international BMBF-funded MedWater project within the FONA framework. More information about MedWater can be found: http://grow-medwater.de

Our research and training activities focus on:

  • The development of strategies and pilot projects on quantitative and qualitative protection of ground water and drinking water,
  • The expansion of our knowledge of hydraulic, geochemical and biogeochemical processes in the vadose and phreatic zones and
  • The development of new numerical and experimental methods for sustainable management of our water and soil resources under aspect of climate change and changing land usage.
Hydrogeological field trip to the national park Fanes-Sennes (UNESCO world heritage), Dolomites, Italy

Water is the principle, or the element, of things.

All things are from water and all things are resolved into water.

– Thales of Miletus

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